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Apple Leaks Reveal Major iPhone 15 & iPhone 15 Pro Design Changes

iphone 15

Notchless All-Screen Design Rumored for iPhone 15 Pro

If leaked images are to be believed, the iPhone 15 Pro could feature a completely notchless design with the front-facing camera and Face ID components hidden under the display. This long-awaited all-screen aesthetic would allow for a truly immersive experience and larger uninterrupted display.

Sources claim Apple is aggressively developing under-display technologies to make this possible. The pill-shaped “dynamic island” notch introduced on the iPhone 14 Pro would be eliminated after just one generation. While I’ll need hands-on confirmation, this potential design change is the most exciting iPhone 15 Pro rumor so far.

iPhone 15 Pro Said to Sport Angular Edges, Larger Camera Bump

In addition to a notchless front, dummy models of the iPhone 15 Pro point to a shift away from rounded corners to flattened edges. This angular industrial design would give the phone a modern, sleek look while still feeling true to Apple.

Around back, a much larger protruding camera bump is rumored to house major camera upgrades. As a tech reviewer who relies on iPhone photography for product shots and samples, I’m eager to see these imaging improvements in action.

Base iPhone 15 Also Reportedly Losing the Notch

The standard iPhone 15 is expected to follow in the Pro’s footsteps by also ditching the notch according to leaked info. It will likely retain rounded corners and a smaller rear camera bump. But a uniform full-screen front would allow for a more immersive regular iPhone 15 display.

Performance and RAM Upgrades Anticipated

Under the hood, an A17 chip with increased speed and efficiency is practically guaranteed for the iPhone 15 lineup. RAM may also see a boost up to 8GB for Pro models and potentially 6GB for the regular iPhone 15. This additional memory would amplify multitasking capabilities and high-end gaming performance.

Still Early as Launch Remains Far Off

With the iPhone 15 not expected until September 2023, Apple’s plans could easily change between now and launch. But if these early leaks and rumors hold true, we could see the most substantial iPhone redesign in years, especially for the Pro. I look forward to putting the iPhone 15 and 15 Pro through their paces and providing my comprehensive hands-on review. Stay tuned for more details as the leaks continue trickling in over the coming months.

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